Validating ADES XML Formatted Observations

Use this form to check the validity of observations in ADES XML format.

The 'Unusual object' options are available for the purpose of indicating that the observations are of a possible NEO, comet, TNO, or NEOCP object -- corresponding to information typically communicated via the 'subject' line in email submissions.

Unusual object?: Unclassified     NEOCP     New NEO Candidate    NEO     New Comet     Comet     TNO     ARTSAT

Note: Observations in ADES XML format may also be validated via curl, e.g.

curl -F "ack=my ack message" -F "ac2=my@email.adr" -F "obj_type=NEO" -F "source=<myobs.xml"

Only the 'source' parameter is required -- replace myobs.xml with the local file name of the XML observation file you wish to submit. Be sure to include the '<' -- that is very important!