New Observatory Code Request Form

Submit this form prior to requesting an observatory code. For submission instructions, look here.

NOTE: There are significant delays in assigning observatory codes as the MPC prepares to support the new ADES format. We will get around to the assignments when time permits. You can continue to submit additional batches of observations using "COD XXX" until your own code is assigned.

Contact name:
Contact email address:
NOTE: It is important that the contact name be the same as that used on your initial submission(s) of observation, otherwise we may not link these details to the observation submission.

Observatory name (optional):
Observatory site (e.g. city name, mountain name):
Observatory Country:

Longitude and latitude should be entered in sexagesimal format to an appropriate precision (e.g., 130 27 43.2 W or 20 13 17.2 S).
Locations should be specified to the nearest 0.1 arcsecond.
Do not invent precision.
Do not enter values in decimal degrees.
Observatory latitude (degs. mins. secs. N/S):
Observatory longitude (degs. mins. secs. E/W):

The observatory ground altitude is the height of the ground above/below mean sea level or the reference ellipsoid (as appropriate).
Specify values to the nearest meter.
Observatory ground altitude (meters):
Height of telescope above ground (meters):

Observatory coordinates source:
Google Earth
GPS    Reference frame for altitude:
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