Cometary Activity Observations

The Minor Planet Center encourages the submission of reports of suspected cometary activity for NEOCP/PCCP objects and for non-NEOCP objects designated as minor planets (including objects with A/ designations).

A cometary submission can also be made programatically: An example script using Python can be found here.

Please read the following before reporting your information.

  • All such reports of cometary activity should be made using this form.
  • Any reports of activity for known comets made to this form will be ignored.
  • Only reports of activity made using the form will be considered for inclusion in any subsequent MPEC announcing cometary status.
  • Any astrometry associated with the objects for which activity is being reported should be submitted to the MPC through the normal channels.
    • This will provide the MPC with the RA and Dec. coordinates of the objects at the time of the reported activity.
    • This also allows for the standard submission of lists of observer- and measurer-names.
  • Please only report one observation per submission. For example, follow up observations should be entered separately.
  • Fields marked with an asterisk* are required.