What's New?

New Developments

This page lists new services that are in development at the MPC (alpha, beta) that are in the testing phase.

(Beta) MPC Database Tables Schema

Last Updated 2023-05-31

(Beta) Orbit Comparison Tool for NEOs

This tool allows you to compare the orbital parameters that are present in MPC's MPCORB.DAT files with JPL's values for the same objects.

Last Updated 2023-04-28

(Beta) Summary of Where Are My Observations - SWAMO

SWAMO lets you explore the outcomes of all submissions over the MPC's history at a month-level granularity,
and the SWAMO-R dashboard lets you explore the outcomes of the past six months worth of submissions at a
day-level granularity.

Visit the about page for more information.

Last Updated 2023-03-29

Current NEOCP objects: status and links

Please use this link to find information on NEOCP objects. (observations, orbits, plots, objects ready to designate, etc. Note: some sublinks contain private information and are configured for internal use only.

Last Updated 2022-12-01

Minor Planet Electronic Circulars (MPECs)

Please use this form to search for MPECs.

Last Updated 2020-01-31

Submitting Pointings Information

Please use this link to find information on submitting pointings data to the MPC.

Last Updated 2022-12-01

Querying the Pointings Database

Please use this link to query the MPC pointings database.

Last Updated 2022-12-01

(Beta) Previous NEOCP Objects

Please use this link to find information on previous NEOCP objects.

Last Updated 2019-11-15