The Minor Planet Center (MPC) uses the term "identification" to refer to the situation when two or more designated orbits are discovered to be the same underlying object and hence an identification is made between their designations. A recent example involves the identification made between the two designations 2013 RE43 and 2015 UG52.

Submitting Identifications

Please note the submission form does not currently support:

  • The deletion of identifications.
  • Designations that need to be retired.
  • Identifications where some tracklets need to be redesignated before the identification can be processed.

Double Designations

A subset of identifications is made between objects designated within the same opposition. Historically, the MPC referred to these as "double designations". An example involves the double designation/identification made between 2017 SL83 and 2017 UH33.

As of June 1, 2020, the MPC will cease to use the "double designation" terminology and will simply refer to them as identifications.

Summary of Linkages

2021 Summary
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The Isolated Tracklet File (ITF)

The Isolated Tracklet File (ITF) containing Isolated Tracklets can be downloaded from here. Please ensure you have read this document.