Contacting the Minor Planet Center (MPC)

This landing page is intended to serve up various top level information on contacting the MPC. This includes the MPC Jira Helpdesk page, where any queries for the MPC should be sent.

Jira Usage and Tips

  • All issues or requests should be submitted only via the helpdesk. This is the only way to ensure your issue receives staff attention.
  • 1 Ticket = 1 Issue. Please limit each ticket to a particular issue, as different issues are often assigned to different staff members, and tickets with extensive lists of unrelated issues often result in only a partial resolution. If one issue has multiple examples, for example, there are duplicate observations for 3 objects, submit one ticket with multiple objects listed as examples. However, if you find different kinds of issues for 3 objects, it is best to submit those as individual tickets.
  • Do not add additional issues in the comments of an active ticket. If you find you have identified additional issue(s), please submit new ticket(s).
  • Once a ticket has been closed, additional comments cannot be added. If you believe your issue was not addressed or only partially resolved, please submit a new ticket and provide the old ticket number in the summary.

How to Opt-in to View and Share Jira Tickets with MPC Users

If you would like to keep track of various issues that are filed to the MPC and how they have been resolved, for example, please refer to the document to opt-in.

Other Useful Links

MPC Announcement Email List/Group

The MPC has established a mailing list to facilitate communication of important announcements (e.g. scheduled outages, significant data releases, etc). If you would like to be added to the email list please email


Please be sure to read the FAQs before submitting new tickets.