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  • ADES Field Values

    The Minor Planet Center is responsible for maintaining lists of allowable values for certain fields in the ADES format. These lists are given below.

    If you require additions to any of these lists, please open a Jira ticket. In particular, please note that use of an unlisted value in any of these fields will cause a batch to be rejected. You must ensure that, e.g., new catalogs are present in the "authorized list" before submitting observations using those catalogs.

    mode (Instrumentation Type)

    The field "mode" is used to indicate the type of instrument that made the observation. Occultation observations are included here as they are derived observations, not measured observations, from various sources. Some modes are of historical interest only and should not appear on modern observations. In the table below, the description of such historical modes are shown in italics.

    mode     Description
    CCD      Charge-Coupled Device (CCD)
    CMO      Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS)
    VID      Video frames
    PHO      Photographic
    ENC      Encoder
    PMT      Photo-Multiplier Tube
    MIC      Micrometer
    MER      Meridian/Transit Circle
    TDI      Time-delay Integration CCD
    OCC      Occultation
    UNK      Unknown
    Normal places and video normal places, which were present in the MPC 1992 mode column, are indicated by observing notes.

    Get the list in JSON format.

    stn/trx/rsv (Observatory Codes)

    The current list of observatory codes is available here.

    Get the list in JSON format.

    astCat/photCat (Star Catalogs)

    The catalogs used for astrometric and photometric reductions are listed in the table below. Deprecated catalog descriptions are given in italics (and many of these will only appear on historical observations). Observers using any of these deprecated catalogues should switch to a more modern catalogue.
    *Cat     Description
    Gaia_Int Gaia_Int
    PS1_DR1  PanSTARRS-1 DR 1
    PS1_DR2  PanSTARRS-1 DR 2
    Gaia3    Gaia DR 3
    Gaia3E   Gaia EDR 3
    Gaia2    Gaia DR 2
    Gaia1    Gaia DR 1
    Gaia_2016 Gaia epoch 2016
    UBSC     USNO Bright-star Catalog
    UCAC5    UCAC 5
    UCAC4    UCAC 4
    URAT1    URAT 1
    2MASS    2MASS
    UCAC3    UCAC 3
    UCAC2    UCAC 2
    UCAC1    UCAC 1
    USNOB1   USNO B1.0
    USNOA2   USNO A2.0
    USNOA1   USNO A1.0
    Tyc2     Tycho 2
    Tyc1     Tycho 1
    Hip2     Hipparcos 2
    Hip1     Hipparcos 1
    ACT      ACT
    GSC2.3   GSC 2.3
    GSC2.2   GSC 2.2
    GSC1.2   GSC 1.2
    GSC1.1   GSC 1.1
    GSC1.0   GSC 1.0
    GSC      GSC (unspecified version)
    SDSS8    SDSS DR8
    SDSS7    SDSS DR7
    CMC15    CMC 15
    CMC14    CMC 14
    SSTRC4   SST-RC4
    SSTRC1   SST-RC1
    MPOSC3   MPOSC 3
    PPM      PPM
    AC       Astrographic Catalogue
    SAO1984  SAO 1984
    SAO      SAO
    AGK3     AGK 3
    FK4      FK4
    ACRS     ACRS
    LickGas  Lick Gaspra Catalogue
    Ida93    Ida93 Catalogue
    Perth70  Perth 70
    COSMOS   COSMOS/UKST Southern Sky Catalogue
    Yale     Yale
    ZZCAT    USNO Zodiacal Zone Catalog
    IHW      International Halley Watch
    GZ       Giacobini-Zinner Catalogue
    UNK      UNKNOWN

    Get the list in JSON format.

    band (Photometric Passbands)

    Deprecated passband descriptions are given in single quotes. Use of the deprecated passbands may be normal for observers who are producing only rough photometry. The single-character form for the special ATLAS passbands are also deprecated.
    band     Description
    Vj       Johnson-Cousins V
    Rc       Johnson-Cousins R
    Ic       Johnson-Cousins I
    Bj       Johnson-Cousins B
    Uj       Johnson-Cousins U
    Sg       Sloan g band
    Sr       Sloan r band
    Si       Sloan i band
    Sz       Sloan z band
    Pg       Pan-STARRS g band
    Pr       Pan-STARRS r band
    Pi       Pan-STARRS i band
    Pz       Pan-STARRS z band
    Pw       Pan-STARRS w band
    Py       Pan-STARRS y band
    Ao       ATLAS o band
    Ac       ATLAS c band
    U        'U band'
    B        'Photographic'
    V        'Visual'
    R        'Red'
    I        'Near IR'
    g        'g band'
    r        'r band'
    i        'i band'
    z        'z band'
    w        'w band'
    y        'y band'
    o        'ATLAS o band'
    c        'ATLAS c band'
    G        Gaia G band
    Gb       Gaia G_BP band
    Gr       Gaia G_RP band
    W        Wide
    J        '1.275 micron band'
    H        '1.662 micron band'
    K        '2.159 micron band'
    Y        '1.035 micron band'
    u        'Unknown' [MUST NOT BE USED ON NEW SUBMISSIONS]

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    notes (Observing Notes)

    Up to six observing notes may be specified on an observations. Deprecated notes descriptions, that do not apply to modern observing modes, are in italics.
    note     Description
     A       Earlier approximate position inferior
     a       Sense of motion ambiguous
     B       Bright sky/black or dark plate
     b       Bad seeing
     c       Crowded star field
     D       Declination uncertain
     d       Diffuse image
     E       At or near edge of plate/frame
     F       Faint image
     f       Involved with emulsion, plate or CCD flaw
     G       Poor guiding
     g       No guiding
     H       Hand measurement of CCD image
     h       Observed through cloud/haze
     I       Involved with star
     i       Inkdot measured
     K       Stacked image
     k       Stare-mode observation by scanning system
     M       Measurement difficult
     m       Image tracked on object motion
     N       Near edge of plate, measurement uncertain
     n       Normal place
     O       Image out of focus
     o       Plate measured in one direction only
     P       Position uncertain
     p       Poor image
     R       Right ascension uncertain
     r       Poor distribution of reference stars
     S       Poor sky
     s       Streaked image
     T       Time uncertain
     t       Trailed image
     U       Uncertain image
     u       Unconfirmed image
     V       Very faint image
     W       Weak image
     w       Weak solution

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    photMod (Photometric Model Used for Photometry Residuals)

    photMod  Description
    HG       HG model
    H        HG model, assumed G
    HG1G2    HG1G2 model
    HG12     HG1,2 model
    NEATM    NEA Thermal Model
    FRM      Fast Rotator Model

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