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    The MPC Site Map provides direct access to all the different services and information sources on the MPC web site. To access any service or information source, just follow the relevant link.

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      Observer Services (NEOs)
        NEO Confirmation Page
        NEO Confirmation Page (R.A. order)
        NEO Ratings
        NEO Page
        NEO Observations Planning Aid

      Observer Services
        Minor Planet & Comet Ephemeris Service
        Natural Satellites Ephemeris Service
        New Object Ephemeris Generator
        Distant Artifical Satellites Observation
        Observing List Customizer
        Sky Coverage

      Orbital Elements
        Orbital Elements for Software Packages

      Astrometric Observations

      MPC Publications
        MPC Archive

        Guide to Minor Astrometry
        MPC Status Page
        What's New

      Lists and Plots
        Minor Planet Lists
        Comet Lists

      General Information
        Astronomical Headlines
        Press Information Sheets

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