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  • The Rock'n'Roll Follow-Up Page

    This page allows you to generate ephemerides for any of the minor planets named for contemporary "popular" musicians and composers. In addition, you can download sets of orbital elements suitable for downloading in various popular planetarium-type software packages.

    Astrometric observations of any of the following objects should be sent directly to obs@cfa.harvard.edu. Updated orbits will be available automatically through this page.

    The following objects are available:
    (8749) Beatles (15092) Beegees (6083) Janeirabloom
    (27052) Katebush (4305) Clapton (19398) Creedence
    (6433) Enya (249516) Aretha (24997) Petergabriel
    (4442) Garcia (79896) Billhaley (4149) Harrison
    (16155) Buddy (4422) Jarre (12272) Geddylee
    (4147) Lennon (19155) Lifeson (4148) McCartney
    (250840) Motorhead (5656) Oldfield (44016) Jimmypage
    (23469) Neilpeart (19367) Pink Floyd (17059) Elvis
    (14024) Procol Harum (110393) Rammstein (5945) Roachapproach
    (31000) Rockchic (17058) Rocknroll (19383) Rolling Stones
    (2620) Santana (91287) Simon-Garfunkel (18132) Spector
    (23990) Springsteen (4150) Starr (6354) Vangelis
    (18125) Brianwilson (7707) Yes (3834) Zappafrank
    (22521) ZZ Top


    By default, ephemerides are geocentric, begin now and are for 20 days at 1 day intervals. The desired start date for the ephemeris should be entered in YYYY MM DD format, e.g., 2007 July 19 = 2007 07 19.

    Start date for ephemerides: Number of dates to output

    Ephemeris interval: Ephemeris units: days hours

    Observatory code:

    Display motions as: "/min "/hr °/day

    Total motion and direction Separate R.A. and Decl. motions

    Format for elements output:
    none MPC (1-line form) MPC (8-line form)
    SkyMap (SkyMap Software) Guide (Project Pluto)
    xephem (E. Downey) Home Planet (J. Walker)
    MyStars! (Relative Data Products) TheSky (Software Bisque)
    Starry Night (Sienna Software) Deep Space (D. S. Chandler)
    PC-TCS (D. Harvey) Earth Centered Universe (Nova Astronomics)
    Dance of the Planets (ARC) MegaStar V4.x (E.L.B. Software)
    SkyChart 2000.0 (Southern Stars Software) Voyager II (Carina Software)
    SkyTools (CapellaSoft) Autostar (Meade Instruments)

    If you select MPC format the elements will be displayed with the ephemerides. If you select any format other than MPC format only the elements are returned. In such cases your browser should download the elements file and save it to your local disk.

    This service utilises the Minor Planet Ephemeris Service, courtesty of the IAU's Minor Planet Center.