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  • Dual-Status Objects

    A small number of objects have "dual status", that is they have both minor planet and comet designations. The current list of such objects is given below. In all cases, astrometric observations of these objects should be reported under the minor planet designations.
    Packed designations
    Minor        Comet
    02060        0095P    (2060) Chiron = 95P/Chiron
    04015        0107P    (4015) Wilson-Harrington = 107P/Wilson-Harrington
    07968        0133P    (7968) Elst-Pizarro = 133P/Elst-Pizarro
    60558        0174P   (60558) Echeclus = 174P/Echeclus
    B8401        0176P  (118401) LINEAR = 176P/LINEAR

    This list was last updated on 2008 Mar. 6.