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  • Lists and Plots: Comets

    This page contains lists and plots related to comets.

    If you use information from any of the lists in the preparation of any publication, please acknowledge the relevant URL and either CBAT or MPC.

    Dates of Last Observation of Comets
    Information on the date of last observation for currently-observable comets.

    Discoveries/Recoveries in the Past Year
    Lists of comet (and NEO/distant minor planet) designations assigned in the past year.

    Recent Comet Magnitudes
    Recent comet magnitudes estimates as reported to the International Comet Quarterly are available.

    Forthcoming Close Approaches to the Earth
    A list of close approaches to the earth by comets and near-earth minor planets in the next 33 years.

    Closest Approaches to the Earth by Comets
    A list of the closest cometary approaches to the earth.

    Plot of the Outer Solar System
    A view of the outer solar system.

    Periodic Comet Numbers
    The current lists of periodic comet numbers are available in numerical order or alphabetic order.

    Cometary Designation System
    The text of the IAU resolution adopted at the 1994 General Assembly modifying the designation system for comets from the beginning of 1995.

    Observatory Codes
    The list of parallax constants for observatories involved in the astrometric observation of comets and minor planets.

    Archive Statistics
    Information on the increasing size of the Minor Planet Center's archive.

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