• Processing (Info)

  • MPC Operations Status

    The Minor Planet Center operates in two distinct modes of operation, which are described below.

    Processing Mode

    Processing is the normal mode of operation. Automated processes handle the bulk of the incoming observation batches.

    MPC Preparation Mode

    When the checking of material that is to appear in the next batch of Minor Planet Circulars begins, the MPC switches into preparation mode. The primary difference between preparation and processing modes is that new observatory codes are not attended to in preparation mode. Most automated procedures handle observations as in processing mode.

    MPC Status Page

    A page describing any problem with the MPC (either in internal processing of observations or with the webpages or web scripts) is available.

    ECS Files

    The files available in the ECS are those associated with the 2014 JULY 12 and 2014 JUNE 13 batches of MPCs.

    The last batch of mid-month MPS batches included in the file available in the ECS are those associated with the 2014 JULY 20 batch.

    Dates of Minor Planet Circular Publication

    Below are listed the planned dates of Minor Planet Circular publication for the next year. Note that these are the UTC dates of Full Moon and availability of the files associated with these batches may occur several days before or after the stated date.
    • 2013 11 17
    • 2013 12 17
    • 2014 01 16
    • 2014 02 14
    • 2014 03 16
    • 2014 04 15
    • 2014 05 14
    • 2014 06 13
    • 2014 07 12
    • 2014 08 10
    • 2014 09 09
    • 2014 10 08
    • 2014 11 06
    • 2014 12 06

    Name Proposals

    The CSBN has approved 31 names for publication in the 2013 Oct. 18 batch of Minor Planet Circulars.

    Discoverers who propose names are being given access details for the web-based name submission form. Name proposals that have received sufficient votes one or more days before the start of the preparation of a new MPC batch will be extracted for publication. There will be no announced deadlines for proposals in the future.