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    Please ensure you are familiar with the notes at the bottom of this page.

    You are reminded that a cross-reference of designations that have appeared here previously is available elsewhere.

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    All objects with V = to , with Decl. between ° and °, with an NEO probability of % to %

    or just the objects selected below:

     N009uus  66 3 [2016 June 24.7 UT.   R.A. = 00 16.7, Decl. = +07 25, V = 19.3] Added June 27.93 UT
     P10vFqs  80 3 [2016 June 27.3 UT.   R.A. = 15 30.0, Decl. = +26 06, V = 22.0] Added June 27.84 UT [1 nighter]
     P10vFqo  90 2 [2016 June 27.3 UT.   R.A. = 15 20.1, Decl. = +28 55, V = 22.0] Added June 27.84 UT [1 nighter]
     P10vFqp  92 2 [2016 June 27.3 UT.   R.A. = 15 22.6, Decl. = +24 23, V = 21.8] Added June 27.83 UT [1 nighter]
     P10vFqu  77 3 [2016 June 27.3 UT.   R.A. = 15 44.4, Decl. = +25 09, V = 21.4] Added June 27.83 UT [1 nighter]
     P10vDQH  80 1 [2016 June 16.5 UT.   R.A. = 00 12.1, Decl. = +00 27, V = 20.9] Updated June 18.60 UT
     XM93C96 100 1 [2016 June 16.3 UT.   R.A. = 15 52.3, Decl. = -12 58, V = 22.4] Updated June 16.51 UT * [1 nighter]
     XL93C07 100 1 [2016 June 15.3 UT.   R.A. = 17 11.9, Decl. = +04 17, V = 21.4] Updated June 16.33 UT

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    Notes on how to begin your own astrometric program are available.

    Please ensure that you have read the additional notes on the NEOCP.

    Please do not report observations of non-NEOCP objects in the same message as observations of objects on this page!

    Get NEO Ratings to see whether you should report a possible NEO.

    Please ensure that you use the NEOCP designations when reporting follow-up observations. Do not use your own temporary designations: if you do, the observations will not get filed correctly by the automated routines.

    Please report unsuccessful attempts to detect objects listed here that are NOT listed as `updated' or that have not been updated in the past 24 hours using the NEOCP Blog. You may use the Observers Comment to report failed or successful attempts to observe these objects.

    Please note that observations and orbits of objects accessible via this service are made available only for your personal use. They are not to be promulgated via any medium. The data are preliminary until they appear on an MPEC or MPS.

    It is possible that some of the objects listed here are comets, either recognised or currently unrecognised as such. If you detect cometary features in any of these objects, please report this fact either via e-mail to both mpc@cfa.harvard.edu and cbatiau@eps.harvard.edu, or using the COM keyword in the observational header. We do not flag suspected comets on this page because we do not wish to influence observers.

    You can now access ephemerides for the variant orbits used in the uncertainty plots from the pages listing the offsets from the nominal solutions.

    Please read (or here) about the coloration used in the uncertainty plots.

    If none of these objects are within the capabilities of your system, check out the Dates of Last Observation of NEOs not seen recently (in R.A. order), the list of bright recovery opportunities, or the Spaceguard Central Node's Priority List for alternate useful targets.