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  • E-Mail Woes Page

    This page describes problems that the MPC has had communicating via e-mail with outside parties.

    Known problems with the MPC's web services are listed elsewhere.

    Unless otherwise indicated, all times on the this page are UTC.

    Known Problems

    • MPECs Bouncing

      2011 January 1: 15:20. Attempts to mail MPECs to the following addresses are failing:
         IAUC  astro  yale  edu                      (No such user)
         MPEC  usno  navy  mil                       (User unknown)
         ASTRO  sirius  astro  uiuc  edu        (Host unknown)
         IAU  discovery  saclay  cea  fr        (Mailbox unavailable)
         LIBRARY  sternwarte  uni-erlangen  de       (No such address)
         WEERSTRA  strw  leidenuniv  nl              (User unknown in local recipient table)
         IAU  physics  usyd  edu  au            (Unauthorized sender)
         KORSUN  mao  gluk  apc  org            (Host unknown)
         AIKMAN  dao  nrc  ca                        (Access denied)
         CIRCULARS  bo  astro  it                    (Connection timed out)
         KLIM.CHURYUMOV  observ  univ  kiev  ua (Could not complete sender verify callout)
         SHAO  lan  ab  az                           (No relay available for sender)
         LIBRARY  prl  ernet  in                     (Name server timeout)
         GMIKE  mail  ccsi  com                      (Host name lookup failure)
         ZHU  samuri  la  asu  edu              (Connection timed ou)
         TOSHO-KIBAN-ZASSI  office  hiroshima-u  ac  jp  (Denied by policy}

    • DISCSTATUS Reports Bouncing

      2010 March 5: 17:00. DISCSTATUS e-mails to the following users are bouncing:
         D. di Dicco
         M. Hernand
         L. Robinson
         B. Sikes
         R. Ferrand
         S. P. Laurie
         A. Garrigos
         R. Behrend
    • Designation E-mails Bouncing

      2009 May 16: 14:25. Designation e-mails to the following users are bouncing:
      User korado .at. visnjan .dot. hr                      User unknown
      User martin .dot. hoffman at dlr .dot. de              Mailbox unavailable
      User jedmonds3 .at. kscable .dot. com                  Recipient rejected
      User becker .at. hst .dot. science .dot .lucent.com    User unknown

    If you are one of the recipients listed above and you have an alternate address please use the Feedback form to so inform us. If the non-receipt of e-mail is caused by a full e-mail in-box or misconfiguration of your mail system, please fix the problem.