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  • About the MPC WWW pages

    These WWW pages are prepared and maintained by the following MPC staff: Gareth Williams; Jose-Luis Galache; and Mike Rudenko. A feedback form is available.

    Number of Accesses

    These pages were brought online in the week ending 1995 Feb. 25. There were 1497659 accesses to these pages (as of 01:30 UT 1997 Aug. 17) before we stopped counting.

    When these pages were served from the CF webservers, they handled about a million requests per week. Of this total, about 250000 requests are for MPC (and CBAT/ICQ) pages: this traffic accounted for about 22 percent of the total data transfer through the CF webserver. Of the ten most accessed HTML pages, typically eight or more were our pages. As of 2007 July 25, the cgi scripts on the MPC's own webserver were called more than 30000 times per week and transferred some 300 MB of data. Peak usage occured in 2005 March, when on both Mar. 16 and 19 more than 31000 requests were served each day.

    All pages are now served from our own web server. Statistcs on usage will be forthcoming in the near future.

    An index to the MPC pages is available.

    Please read this policy statement on the use of material on our WWW pages.