Contact Us

Use the information below to decide which route to use to contact the Minor Planet Center via e-mail. If messages are written in languages other than English, there may be (significant) delays in responding.

Contacting Individual Staff Members

If you want to send a regular e-mail to an individual MPC staff member, send the message to <first initial><surname>

Reporting Astrometric Observations

Astrometric observations of minor planets, comets and natural satellites should not normally be reported via this form, but should be sent directly to, formatted exactly as described in the Guide to Minor Body Astrometry.

If you have been told by MPC staff that your e-mail submissions are malformed (usually due to them being sent at HTML messages or as encoded attachments), paste your observations (including the required observational header) into this form.

Querying Missing Astrometric Observations

If you think that we have not received your observation submission, or if you think that we have not processed one of your batches, use this form.

Be sure to include the date and time you submitted the observations and mention whether or not you received an acknowledgement.

Reporting Corrections to Observatory Code Locations/Names

If the coordinates that we have on file for your site are incorrect or we have the site or observatory name incorrect, please use this form.

If reporting updated coordinates, please be sure to indicate the source of the updated coordinates. See the Guide to Minor Body Astrometry or the Observatory Codes page for further information.

Do not use this form to report updated coordinates if you move your observatory. See the Guide to Minor Body Astrometry for further information.

Reporting Non-Functional Links

If a link on this site is dead or mis-directed, use this form.

Be sure to include the URL on which the dead link resides and which link is at fault.

Reporting Faulty HTML

If the HTML code used on any page is faulty, use this form.

Be sure to include the URL on which the faulty HTML is to be found.

Request New Pages/Services

If you wish to request a new webpage or web service use this form.

Postal Mail

If you need to contact us by traditional mail, our address is:

Minor Planet Center
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
60 Garden St, MS-18
Cambridge, MA